4K – The Future TV? Quick check

4K – The Future TV

Do you want the best future TV in your home? Then look for 4k Ultra HD. In two or three years the technology will be so advance and feasible for all live streaming channels to give 4k content. So be ready with 4K ultra HD TV to look at the future.

What is 4k?

Ok what is 4k? 4k is the new standardised hd resolution for displays. It has a resolution of 3840x 2160. The number of pixels are four times larger than normal HD televisions.

As the number of pixels are higher it gives sharper lines, smoother curves and lot of details especially on big screens. Picture sharpness is the biggest difference when comparing 4k TVs and full HD TVs. Everything looks crystal clear and more lifelike.


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Details of 4K

4k also comes along with HDR and Wide Colour Gamut which helps the picture pop. HDR makes much brighter white and more intense highlights on bright object and that contrast with darker blacks with better shadow detail for a picture that simply looks more lifelike.

Wide Color Gamut allows the TV to produce a wider range of colours.

Considering a 4k TV for your home, you get a great picture from multiple viewing angle. 4k ultra HD TVs are entirely backward compatible. So you can use existing cable box, DVD or DVR. And your TV will make whatever your watching look better than before.

So every thing you watch is going to look gorgeous. In the upcoming years more 4k content will be available. Before buying be sure to do your research that the 4k TV has to be compatible with the streaming services and you need a high speed router.

If you are looking for a new TV, 4k technology is definitely a feature worth checking.


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4k tv pros cons4K is great in large screen sizes above 55 inch. The pixel size is so small that you cannot find them even if you have a close look. TV experts have recommended buying the biggest 4k HD TV you can afford so all the definitions doesn’t go waste. 4k has taken this ideas to a next level, the screens are bigger and pixels are smaller so you can find crystal clear image and sharp details.

But to get the most out of your new 4k TV you need to turn the streaming services like Netflix, Amazon which offer 4k content. A lot of TV shows and movies are yet available in ultra HD resolution. Most media will get there eventually, just like the transition from standard definition to high definition.



  • Picture Quality
  • More providers with 4K content
  • Future proof

  • Price
  • 4K sources are still in short supply
  • Not all 4K TVs currently support 4K video streams from Netflix and others

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