“THE WALL” Modular Television by Samsung

  • "The Wall" in its complete majesty
  • Plugging in individual modules
  • Multi Dimension
  • Gigantic Screen
  • Theatre like visual experience
  • The individual Panels


It’s been a year Samsung displayed a gigantic 146 inches TV at the CES, and this year they have come up with a massive 219 inches Micro LED TV “The Wall”.
“The Wall” meaning it can be expanded as big as you want or shrunken down to a single square according to our convenience as per your room design and the wall size. Samsung also claims it to be the world’s first modular TV.


The Wall is completely customisable because it is size free, bezel free, ratio free, resolution free. All that you need is to combine these square panels together to make a TV size of your choice.
You can arrange the panel into long horizontal or vertical narrow display, you can also come up with your creative polygonal designs or it can be built into a huge massive gigantic screen as “The Wall” of 219 inches. As mentioned earlier the TV can be shrunken down as small as the size of a single panel, yes you can even view with just one single panel of this MicroLED panel.

Viewing experience:

This microLED display delivers a revolutionary viewing experience with pure black, true color and epic clarity. The TV has a wider color gamut than the conventional LED displays that produce vibrant yet natural colors for an inspiring visual experience.
Samsung also claims that this TV is capable of producing HDR10+ images and brightness of 2000 nits with great picture quality.

Featured Wall:

The wall can be transformed into a featured wall according to your mood or surrounding. When the TV is turned off you can set to display a piece of art, picture or a painting from the seven different categories that are available to choose. A wide variety of premium wall materials, finishes and other décor options are also available.


The zoom-in and zoom-out feature ensures that all content is displayed at an appropriate size for viewing distance. The screen size can be controlled with just a click of the remote control.
Samsung did not compromise with the walls durability against everyday impact, such as shock resistant technology, superior energy efficiency and reliable performance with long-lasting quality. Enjoy the flexibility of modularity with the ability to customise “The Wall”according to the spatial needs and aesthetic desire.

Ready to step into the next generation of display ? You have to call Samsung for orders. Very limited quantities of The Wall will be available this year.

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